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Product: Knee Brace – Patella Support

Price: $12.99

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Size: One size fits all

Guarantee: Lifetime

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Knee Brace – Patella Strap, Product Overview

Exercise can be very good for us, but performing any activity can be very dangerous if it is not done correctly. Doing exercise or any type of sport without the right equipment can lead to several accidents and injuries. This is why it is important to not ignore the small things like equipment and even small aches and pains in our bodies.

This is why I started to pay more attention to the equipment I use when ever I work out or perform physical activities. One of such pieces of equipment that I use is the Knee Brace – Patella Strap which has helped me tremendously ever since I started wearing them on both knees.

They are very comfortable to wear and alleviate pain, pressure, and/or discomfort in the knee. Not only do they reduce pain, they also help prevent injuries such as tendinitis and other types of injuries in the knee area.

Affordable & Highly Effective

The patella strap is a very effective piece of equipment. You strap it over your meniscus area, under your patella but still on the tendon, and above your tibia (shin) bone.


This will help with the relief of pressure on the tendon. Please be advised that the patella strap is not a healing strap and though it does alleviate pressure and reduce pain, it is meant to help you build your way up in your training. Its purpose is to relieve the badly affected area of the tendon during recovery. This would be done while still performing proper rehab without the strap.

The strap is a great tool to help you recover but do not trick yourself into believing that because the pain went away during a workout while wearing the strap, it has healed you from what ever injury (if you have one) you got. The only way to heal is with the proper rehab, the strap is simply a very effective tool that will aid you in the process.

On the other hand…

The price on the strap is also very nice, I confidently bought mine on amazon because I really like the price compared to other retailers. Some retailers sell a single strap from a different brand for the price of two of the Sable straps. Now, I know people always say that brands matter a lot, but I can assure you that this strap works just as well as a different brand selling for double or more. They will both have the same effects.

I have also had mine for over a year now and it is still in great shape. So please do not buy a more expensive strap that will only have the same effects as a less expensive strap. I’ve never been a big fan of branding because of situations like these.

On a personal note

I personally love these straps. They have significantly helped me throughout my fitness journey. Fortunately, I have not injured either of my knees but I do train heavy and with heavy training come heavy squats.

While I do perform other types of leg-focused movements, squats have been where I have felt my legs struggle the most; my knees particularly. I did begin to start feeling a sense of pressure on my patella tendons after performing heavy squats.

I also walk a lot throughout the day and I can definitely start to feel pressure on my knees throughout my day because of all the walking PLUS the exercise in the morning. Thus, pushing me to also wear them during the day. Even wearing them throughout the day alleviates the pressure to simply walk.

Some people who may not even exercise may start experiencing a similar type of pressure on their knees from constantly walking. It’s a safe call to get professional care to tackle down any potential injury but it is also helpful rid yourself of the bothersome feeling in your knee with a patella strap.

Like I said earlier, this is not a healing strap, and though it may reduce or rid pain, pressure, and discomfort, it is simply a tool to help you heal. Proper rehab is still required for legitimate healing.

Since I don’t have an injury, I simply use it for preventative measures. Which, as I said, has helped me tremendously.

Why not five stars?4.5-stars

My answer for this is fairly simply, there are times when they do become a bit uncomfortable on my popliteal fossa (back of the knee) area. After so much bending of the knee, sometimes one of them or both may itch a bit.

I don’t get any severe irritation but it can get a little uncomfortable once in a while. If it gets to this point, I simply remove it and put it back on after a few minutes. This isn’t something that often happens though. Usually, I forget I’m even wearing a patella strap.

Sometimes I wear it under my pants if I’m wearing pants throughout the day. If I get a bit uncomfortable, it can be a bit of a hassle to remove it for a few minutes because I have to pull up my pant sleeve.

Other than that, however, I have no other issue with it.

I still strongly recommend this item. Its pros are much greater than its single con. The best part about it is… it’s extremely affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Knee Brace – Patella Support, or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


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