Hi everyone and welcome to Fitness Lies Ahead. Fitness is something very important to me and I believe it should be important to everyone as we all want to live a healthy life. Over the past years I have purchased several products and looked into several programs to aid me on my journey to great health.

Ever since I was young, being athletically fit has been something I’ve wanted to achieve. Over the past years, I’ve obtained gear and looked into programs that have helped me achieve this goal and still I continue to move forward in my journey. I finally achieved the level of fitness that I wanted to achieve as a younger boy. Now I have set new goals for myself to continue to move forward.

Still, I continue to use techniques from past years as well as finding new ones. Now I want to give back and help those who also want to achieve their personal athletic goals. Providing those who need some help and looking for some insight into what the pros are doing today as well as tomorrow.


about-misaelA Little about my Fitness Journey

Growing up I was actually a little more overweight than the rest; I felt self-conscious about my weight. It was then when my determination for a better physical shape came. I joined sports in high school to keep me active. Though this worked for the moment, once I graduated from high school things went back to what they were before I did sports.

I slowly began to lose my physical shape because all I knew was how to practice and compete in a particular sport that I did in high school. Once I graduated and high school sports were out of the picture, I lacked the motivation and I was no longer aware of what I should do to keep myself in good shape.

Finally, I had enough of this down slope in my journey so I decided to look into what could aid me, both physically and mentally, to get back what I had lost and also go beyond that. I found many resources and gear that helped me get back to my feet on my journey and I put what I learned and purchased into action. Action is what got me to where I’m at today and where I want to be later on.

Everyone Could Use a Hand

The world of fitness has always been one that takes a lot of grit and strength to win in and to stay in. Genetics certainly play a part into how easy or tough this is. However, I’ve always been a strong believer that genetics can’t stop a single person from achieving his or her fitness goals. It’s the habits we have in our daily lives that determine this.

The trick is…. changing the bad habits into good ones. If you make a habit to hit a certain personal achievement, that habit of hard work is what will get you to succeed in your goals. I promise you that if you make it a habit to complete actions of hard work and dedication, you will achieve what you want to achieve (not only in the fitness world but in other parts of life as well). BUT IT TAKES HARD WORK! Having the right equipment & gear can definitely help you to maintain your work in check.

My goal is to help those who have also been struggling with motivation and lack of equipment & gear achieve their goals. I could’ve used a helping hand in the past and I know there are others out there who would be very thankful to have a helping hand on their side as well.


Consistent Work and Dedication Lead to Success

There is no point in will power if you don’t make actions of success into habits. Will power will only last so long, but habits and “rituals” can last a life-time. A lot of success can come from acting on habits instead of will power while also having the right equipment & gear to steer you in the right direction.

So take a look around and if you have anything to share in respect to anything that helped you achieve your fitness goals, by all means, let me hear about it!

To the journey that lies ahead!


Founder of Fitness Lies Ahead.


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